The TLBX Podcast is now on Anchor & Apple Podcasts!

Finally, it’s here.

After three years of starting off a podcast for the company, Teh Lunchbox Publications is now available on both Anchor by Spotify & Apple Podcasts! This is a huge milestone for us, being able to broadcast and record our podcast live on Twitch then turning it into an audio file to upload to these amazing platforms.

Let’s get into the FAQ.

This is recorded live?

Yes! Every Friday at 8:30 PM EST on our Twitch Channel. Be sure to follow us here! You also get a chance to interact by asking us questions and just participating in chat.

When do you usually upload episodes?

The following Monday morning, at 9 AM EST!

Can we still watch the recorded live podcast on YouTube?

Yes, videos of our podcast will begin this upcoming Thursday!

Season 4? Where’s Seasons 1 through 3?

Good Question! We do have all past seasons of the TLBX Podcast that still need to be edited and divided. What this means is that some episodes can be considered as a two part episode. We appreciate your patience as we get these done, and slowly but surely upload them to your listening pleasure.

Can I be a guest star?

Join our official Discord first! We do have more rules and details on having guest stars and maybe have a community member or two to come and participate in the conversation!

Wait! I am/was an Invitational Invitee! Does that ruin my chances coming on to your show?

Not at all! This is a different event and content creation moment. If you have or haven’t competed in our Invitational series, that doesn’t hold you not being part in one of our episodes.

If you have any additional questions about the podcast, let us know in the comments! We’ll be happy to answer your questions the best of our abilities.

Thank you for your patience as we finally made this happen. Be sure to subscribe on either platforms on Anchor or Apple Podcasts.

Enjoy & Happy Listening!

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