A Late Welcome To The New Year – Editor in Chief Message for February 2022

A new year means a lot for myself and team.

Excuse our tardiness, me and the staff here at Teh Lunchbox Publications want to welcome you all to 2022. We hope you all achieve your goals and enter the new year with brand new mindset and calmness.

With a new fresh start, the team is hard at work obtaining a few new work habits and features towards sticking with the goal since the company’s start: Informing the public of upcoming news and information in the entertainment and pop culture industry. Our main focus is to obtain articles at a steady pace, making sure to deliver them to you all and keep you all in the know.

With a new month, the main focus is also to bring back a variety of events and content. That being said, the first Friday for this month is the return and Season 4 of the TLBX Podcast. We are excited to share our voices with you all, also continuing research in how to insure this podcast is delivered to other platforms. Everything content wise is changing on our side, as a variety of update emotes, overlays, and effects are being created and tested so you all will have an immersive experience every time you tune in.

If you haven’t done so yet, please be sure to join our official Discord! This allows us to hear feedback from you, connect with our Lunchboxers (That’s what we call our community members/fanbase), and get a chance to be invited to our monthly event, The Invitational.

So until then, stay tuned as we kick of this month right! As always, stay healthy, smart, safe, and happy everyone.

– Greg M.

Founder/CEO/Editor in Chief

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