Gotta Catch Em’ All! 20 Years Of Pokèmon!

20 years ago, Pocket Monsters was released in Japan for the original Game Boy. Two years after, the franchise came to the United States and the entire nation was immediately hooked.

Pokemon 20th Anniversary

To celebrate, the Pokèmon Company announced some big news today to the public, here’s the run down.

Last year at a Nintendo Direct in November, the company announced that they will be re-releasing the original Pokèmon Red, Blue, and Yellow Versions on the virtual console. You can get them separately for US $9.99 each, and they release next month, on February 27th. 2016 (Exactly 20 years after the release date in Japan).

Red, Blue, Yellow

Don’t have a 3DS yet? No problem! The Pokèmon Company announced that they are releasing a New 3DS Bundle with both Red and Blue Versions pre-installed, two Red and Blue themes, and two changeable face plates of the original cover art of Red and Blue!

Pokemon 3DS Bundles

Also starting next month is the Monthly Mythical Pokèmon Distributions! If you have a copy of Pokèmon X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire, you can receive legendary Pokèmon such as Mew, Darkrai, Jirachi, and Shaymin to name a few.

Monthly Pokemon Distributions

Pokèmon Red, Blue, and Yellow Versions come out on February 27th, 2016.

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