“Gotta catch ’em all!” Happy 20th Anniversary Pokèmon!

TLBX Pikachu

In 1996, a studio known as Game Freak released a brand new gaming franchise in Japan. Known as Pocket Monsters, players were given a task to travel around the Kanto Region, catch all 150 species of monsters, and become a master. Since the release, it’s become a worldwide phenomenon by bringing in countless games, an anime series, trading card game, and many more.

By celebrating it’s 20th Anniversary, Teh Lunchbox will provide personal articles, videos, and art on how they were introduced to the series. Keep it here as this article will update this week!

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Pika Pika? My Pokèmon Story & Celebrating 20 Years Of Pokèmon

Around when I was seven and when a famous magazine was still being published called Nintendo Power, I was receiving three promotional VHS tapes of upcoming games soon to be released. One of them was Banjo & Kazooie and the other was Diddy Kong Racing for the Nintendo 64, but then a third tape arrived labeled *pause for dramatic effect*…Pokèmon.

I remember watching the video with my two sisters, as we see B-grade actors and actresses talk about how they’re related to Ash Ketchum (the main protagonist in the Pokèmon Anime series) and how the video games are coming to the United States. On my eighth Birthday, the only thing my age could ask for was some NERF Guns, Power Ranger action figures, and a couple of other video games. For me, I only wanted one game in general. Surprisingly, my cousins bought me my first copy of Pokèmon Red Version.

Immediately I was hooked with the opening scene of a Ninorino fighting a Gengar. Countless hours of not sleeping till 12, wasting four double A batteries, and staying away from my Nintendo 64. I faced through countless Geodudes and Zubats, took money from Youngster trainers, picked between either throwing a rock or some bait to catch a Pokèmon, and finally got the chance to play against the Elite Four.

The Pokèmon craze was everywhere I go. At school, friends and classmates were either talking about what there progress in the game is or talking about how having a link cable can help you evolve some certain Pokèmon. Not to also forget a certain glitch to gain you an infinite number of Rare Candies and Master Balls.

I am happy to say that I’m still a fan of the series to this day. Either I pick up my Game Boy Color and scrimmage to find my Red Version down in my basement or I simply wait until all three versions of the game come to the virtual console for my new Nintendo 3DS XL. Whatever decision I make, I will relive my childhood by catching them all, one pokèball at a time.

Happy 20th Anniversary Pokèmon!

Mew Card

Grayson M. with an Ancient Mew Card

Gotta Catch Em’ All! 20 Years Of Pokèmon!

20 years ago, Pocket Monsters was released in Japan for the original Game Boy. Two years after, the franchise came to the United States and the entire nation was immediately hooked.

Pokemon 20th Anniversary

To celebrate, the Pokèmon Company announced some big news today to the public, here’s the run down.

Last year at a Nintendo Direct in November, the company announced that they will be re-releasing the original Pokèmon Red, Blue, and Yellow Versions on the virtual console. You can get them separately for US $9.99 each, and they release next month, on February 27th. 2016 (Exactly 20 years after the release date in Japan).

Red, Blue, Yellow

Don’t have a 3DS yet? No problem! The Pokèmon Company announced that they are releasing a New 3DS Bundle with both Red and Blue Versions pre-installed, two Red and Blue themes, and two changeable face plates of the original cover art of Red and Blue!

Pokemon 3DS Bundles

Also starting next month is the Monthly Mythical Pokèmon Distributions! If you have a copy of Pokèmon X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire, you can receive legendary Pokèmon such as Mew, Darkrai, Jirachi, and Shaymin to name a few.

Monthly Pokemon Distributions

Pokèmon Red, Blue, and Yellow Versions come out on February 27th, 2016.