Ghost In The Shell: First Assault Online Finds a Home on PC, Beta Coming Soon!


Ghost in the Shell: First Assault Stand Alone Complex Online (that’s a mouthful) gets an official announcement! And in more immediate news, the first phase of the closed beta starts on October 1, 2015, and will end on the 4th. The second phase, will be coming soon afterwards. Those who are get the beta will receive an exclusive weapon skin referred to as “First Assault.” There’s a gameplay trailer that you might want to see below if you’re interested.

Fans of Ghost in the Shell should be interested to see what this game has to offer and should be a good overall gaming experience either way. Did I mention that beta registration is still open… cause I feel like that’s pretty important. Oh well, if you want it, you can sign up for the beta over on the game’s official website.

Ghost in the Shell: First Assault Stand Alone Complex Online is scheduled for release on PC in early 2016.

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GTA Online Freeroam Events Coming September 15th

Rockstar Games has been steadily adding update after update to Grand Theft Auto Online, and now they’re giving you more to do.

Rockstar is introducing Freeroam Events to GTA Online. Without the need of loading, menus, or lobbies, events will start up randomly while freeroaming in GTAO’s overworld. Events have immense variety. They can be simple, such as who can perform the longest jump. Or they can be very elaborate like Hunt The Beast, where a random player becomes super strong, only for the other players to be tasked in taking him down without the use of the radar.

With this update, Rockstar will also be bringing in two new Adversary Modes. Hunting Pack pays homage to the classic action movie Speed, where your team must deliver a high priority vehicle without dropping to a minimal speed limit, while other players attempt to take you down in the process. Then there’s Cross The Line, where heavily-armed teams fight on a neutral ground, while your entire team must make it alive to your opponents’ area intact.

With this update, Rockstar is finally bringing the Rockstar Video Editor to PS4 and Xbox One, with new additions like ambient sound, Snapmatic integration, and more. Keep in mind that these new updates will be passed along to the PC version as well.

Freeroam Events will be available for free for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on September 15th.

Freemode Events Update

Grand Theft Auto V is now available for PC, Playstation 4, XBOX One, Playstation 3, and XBOX 360.

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Call Of Duty: Black Ops III Multiplayer Beta Starts Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, Call of Duty fans and avid video gamers around the world will have a chance to play Call of Duty: Black Ops III’s Multiplayer Mode!

Want to get in on the action before November? Be sure to reserve or pre-order your copy of Call Of Duty: Black Ops III at any participating retailer, gain a beta code on your receipt, and enter that code here.

Black Ops 3 Multiplayer

The beta kicks off tomorrow for Playstation 4  and August 26th next week for XBOX One and PC.

We’ll be streaming the beta this week on our Twitch channel, so be sure to follow us here!

Call Of Duty: Black Ops III for Playstation 4, XBOX One, Playstation 3, XBOX 360, and PC on November 6th. 2015.

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E3 PC Gaming Show!


The PC Gaming Show went live on Tuesday June 16, 2015, PC Gamer and AMD had  put on the Show. This was the first PC conference at E3, and was hosted by Sean Plott.

There was quite a few guest speakers on the show (did you guys see Sean’s stack of cards?) some talked about new affordable hardware for your PC. While others talked about new games and expansion packs.

And those speakers were:

  • Sean ‘day[9]’ Plott (Host)
  • Richard Huddy ( AMD)
  • Colin Johanson (ArenaNet)
  • Chris Sigaty and Dustin Browder (Blizzard)
  • Joris Vantland, Jay Crowe, and Brian Hicks (Bohemia Interactive)
  • Cliff Bleszinski (Boss Key Productions)
  • Phil Spencer (Microsoft)
  • Ryan Geddes (CCP Games)
  • Chris Roberts (Cloud Imperium)
  • Dave Crooks and Joe Harty (Dodge Roll)
  • Jean-Francois Dugas and Jonathan Jacques-Belletête (Edios-Montréal)
  • Bruce Maclean  (Electronic Arts)
  • Ian Thomas  (Frictional Games)
  • David Braben (Frontier Developments)
  • Steve Gaynor (Fullbright)
  • David Eckelberry (Lionhead Studios)
  • James Phinney (Motiga)
  • Feargus Urquhart and Fredrick Wester (Paradox Interactive)
  • Thom Glunt (Pixel Titans)
  • Dean Hall (RocketWerkz)
  • Paul Wedgwood (Splash Damage)
  • John Gibson (Tripwire Interactive)


The show may not seem as exciting as the shows for the consoles but I can honestly say for PC gaming, their first show was quite good. From new and better PC hardware, new games, and 16205235562366-t300x200cool expansion packs.

In true PC gaming fashion, the show wasn’t just about games. AMD’s CEO Lisa Su revealed their new upcoming hardware. She talked about the R9 Fury X (above) and R9 Nano graphics card (left), and their dual-GPU Fiji. If you want to know more, you can watch the show.

Now to introduce the games!


The E3 PC Gaming Show had presented some very interesting games. The long list included; Star Citizen 2, Total War: Warhammer, Fable Legends, Gigantic, American Truck Simulator, EVE: Valkyrie, Ion, Strafe, Pillars of Eternity: White March, Hitman, Strafe, Beyond Eyes, Dirty Bomb, Tacoma, Soma, Take On Mars, Project BlueStreak, Enter The Gungeon, Rising Storm 2, Planet Coaster: Simulation Evolved, Heros of the Storm, and Guild Wars 2 expansion.

maxresdefault (8)

Microsoft also chimed in to announce that Killer Instinct would also be available to the PC and after that the crowd went crazy (in a good way of course). Another console game that would be making it to PC is (drumroll)…Gears of War: Ultimate Edition.

Now I have a question for all of you PC gamers…What did you think about the E3 PC Gaming Show?

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Trailer and Details for Dragon Age’s New DLC

wp_ss_20150324_0002[1]Bioware has been courteous enough to give players a little bit of insight on what to expect when they delve into the latest DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition entitled, Jaws of Hakkon.

In addition to the usual stuff (you know, killing your enemies and collecting new armory), you’ll (in the words of Bioware) “unearth an ancient secret that could destroy the world.”

Creative Director Mike Laidlaw said “We are humbled by the game’s reception so far but are not done with the world of Thedas just yet.” He also reiterates his expectations for the DLC, saying “We hope the new DLC speaks to our dedication of growing Inquisition with meaningful and exciting new content for our fans, new and old.”

Now that that’s over, check out the trailer down below and don’t forget to download the Jaws of Hakkon DLC as it is available right now for Xbox One and PC.

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Uh, Splinter Cell: Siege. Party of One Please?

images (6)Ubisoft has gotten people’s attention again as Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Siege is ready for beta testing.

Like the closed alpha that was exclusively for the PC, this beta will be a closed one as well, but this time Playstation 4 and Xbox One owners will be able to get their hands on it as well. Pre-order Siege for a sure spot in the closed beta or sign up at Ubisoft’s website to be placed on the waiting list. You will need a Uplay account to sign up though.

The wait for the closed beta will not be long, especially since Siege is still scheduled to drop this year.

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