Halo Infinite Trailer

Microsoft started off strong by showcasing a trailer for Halo Infinite, as the trailer showcased a vast landscape, beautiful scenery, and a vast wildlife. While nearing the end of the trailer, we see a group of soldiers, it’s possible to be marine soldiers, walking through some fields.

Then, the trailer pans to show Master Chief holding his helmet, then putting it on as he inserts Cortana, or some other form of A.I. into his helmet.

While not much else was shown in the trailer with no new information presented, fans should expect Master Chief to make a return in this new game.

Halo Infinite is being developed by 343 Industries and will be released on windows 10 and Xbox One. No announcement yet on a release date. Make sure to follow us on twitter for the latest news @tehlunchboxpub

ReCore Launch Trailer!

ReCore Horizontal Key Art
Comcept and Armature Studios released a new launch trailer for their upcoming video game, ReCore. Check it out!

ReCore follows Joule Adams, a first brave volunteer from the colony Far Eden. After centuries of cyro-sleep, she is awoken to Far Eden in shambles. It’s up to her and her new companion, Mack to solve the mysteries of what had happen to her colony with a terrible fate on the rise.

ReCore is released for the XBOX One and Windows on September 13, 2016.

Microsoft’s E3 Recap

E3_MicrosoftNow it’s Microsoft’s turn and they had quite a few things to show off as well. Let’s jump into it.

Xbox One S

We begin with Microsoft giving us a first look at one of two new consoles set to be released over the next two years. While project scorpio (which will no doubt change in name as we approach its release), won’t be for a couple of years, the Xbox One S will be available in August will a few notable differences. The smaller and more compact design, and larger hard drive are expected, HDR support for gaming and media playback and 4k for media playback and bluray. There is so much to say about how there is so much right and wrong about this, but at least it looks nice.

Battlefield 1

Battlefield looks great upon its return and with a revamped multiplayer experience which will allow up to 64 combatants to join in on the war theatrics. No doubt it’s gonna be your classic war story with some original wrinkles in it. But the calling card for Battlefield has always been its multiplayer features and with that many potential players in one party it sounds like the focus is on making as genuine and as epic a war experience as possible.

Forza Horizons 3

Forza is still going strong after all these years and now they’re ready to get back in the driver seat with Forza Horizons 3. It’s vibrant, and now it is multifaceted with the inclusion of off-road vehicles to use now. Australia will be your racing scene this time around so get your game on down under Forza Horizons 3 it drops September 27.

Killer Instinct

Chapter 3 for Killer Instinct will have a very VERY big bug problem when General RAAM wreaks havoc on the fighters. If you’re a fan of Gears of War (which face it, most people probably are) then you know RAAM is all about business. And his business is pure destruction.

Tekken 7

I don’t know if this is officially the end of the Mishima saga which has dominated the Tekken lore for decades, but if it is it looks like it’s getting the right send off. New fighting mechanics should make for smoother transitions and a more palatable experience for players. But that’s not what everyone is excited for. Akuma is here. I don’t know why he’s here, and I don’t care. I just want to break fighters with purple hadokens.

Dead Rising 4

It’s the only game that makes the zombie apocalypse your own personal playground. It’s been a decade of making fun of the un-dead in the most gruesome way possible with Frank West so lets keep it going. As long as they stick to whats worked so far, this time around should be just as fun as the last. And what’s better is that Dead Rising 4 will be here just in time for Christmas!

Halo Wars 2

And what would the Microsoft showcase be without Halo. The official trailer for Halo Wars 2 dropped and it was not short on the theatrics. While the game itself is not set for release till 2017, the beta is already available. You know more companies should do this more often. Really makes the time waiting go by a lot easier.

Rise of the Tomb Raider is Coming in 2015


Crystal Dynamics delivered a fantastic teaser for Rise of the Tomb Raider during Microsoft’s press conference earlier today. They also delivered news that the game would be released the same day as another highly anticipated game (but more on that later). For now, let’s get to the game footage.

risearrivaljpg-a3f0b3_765wThe teaser began with a young Lara and her companion trekking through a small caver with nothing but the light of a flare to guide them. It’s not long before reach the mountain side on their search for a lost city.

riseexplosionziplinejpg-a3f0b6_765wAs she latches on to a sheet of ice using her ice axes, she makes her way to the top of the cliff in true tomb raider fashion. Unfortunately, once on top of the cliff she is pushed off dangling only by her rope. She catches a zipline using her ice axe when an avalanche begins. She falls, slides down a chute and runs along a mountainside as it crumbles before ultimately falling to the snow before the scene ends.

The footage finishes with more gameplay including Lara fighting a bear.

Some of you may have a bit of a difficult decision to make because the release date for this title just so happens to be the same as Bethesda’s Fallout 4, November 10, 2015. For many it may be an easy decision, for the rest… sorry. Rise of the Tomb Raider is also available for pre-order on Amazon now.

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Dark Souls 3 Gets an Official Announcement!


Well it looks like the leaks were true about Dark Souls 3 being at E3. During Microsoft’s press conference they confirmed that Early 2016 will see the final chapter in the Dark Souls series come to Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

2015-06-15100455jpg-a3f0a6_765wThe teaser began with travelers crossing a dark wasteland of sorts before the camera pans to a giant castle in the near background. Shifting to the inside of the castle is another person who’s face is not shown bowing before a crown. The teaser ends with a giant man with an equally giant clever.

2015-06-15100609jpg-a57563_765wBandai Namco have another beautiful game on their hands and the previous games are any indication of the future, then fans will get a farewell of the highest quality.

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All the Gears News From E3!


Lots of news here as we finally get confirmation on all fronts from The Coalition regarding all things Gears of War.

Lets start with the news that Gears of War is officially getting it’s remastering on Xbox One. Going under the name, Gears of War Ultimate Edition, the remastered version will indeed be formatted to 1080p resolution and run at 60 fps. The best part of this news is… the beta is available TODAY!

gears-4-ft-600x338Now for the official gameplay reveal of what is being called Gears 4 (at the moment). This time around we see two entirely new characters in JD (shown above) and another female unnamed gear. It is night-time and they appear to be traversing through some sort of abandoned and broken down town. They only have their flashlights for to see with, but the danger is easily visible when a destructive storm hits and with nothing but a battered mansion available for shelter, they make their way through lightning strikes, falling debris, and a crumbling path into the mansion.

gears-4Scoping out the mansion initially doesn’t prove fruitful as all that is seen are glowing cocoons. Things really get tense when the female gear gears_4_01sees a figure flash across an open pathway. They pursue the figure until they reach a courtyard and the figure is revealed to be some sort of scorpion-like hybrid of another animal (right). We get to see the classic gnasher shotgun and lancer assault rifle in action as the gears fend off what turns into a pack of the monsters. There’s also a look at some new attack moves before the video ends with JD pinned down by on of the monsters.

The gameplay video was more than enough to excite the fans and with the beta for Gears of War Ultimate Edition, we should see a new revival of one of Microsoft’s most recognizable franchises. No official release date for Gears 4 yet, but it was revealed that the game will be targeting a 2016 Holiday timeframe.

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Teh Lunchbox Publications Covers E3 2015!

Tonight starts the official press conferences for E3 2015. What’s that? You can’t watch any of them? That’s alright, we got you covered.

TLBX E3 2015All week long, we’ll be live covering the events through social media!

On our website, we will have both articles and previews of upcoming games and announcements. Later this week, we will have our “Top Ten” Lists and our first annual Teh Lunchbox Publications Best Of Awards!

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Summertime And You Know What That Means? – Editor in Chief Message for June 2015

The sun is shining, school is out, your neighborhood pool is open, and you’re being invited to each and every family barbecue. With those things in mind, it’s official…Summer is here! We have another month of huge things happening, so here’s what we have in store for you all!

This month is E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Thousands of developers and studios come together for four days in Los Angeles to bring you the latest and upcoming video games, systems, and projects. To prepare you for this event, we’ll be writing articles or recording videos of what we expect at this year’s show. Also, if you can’t watch any livestreams of either the Bethesda Softworks, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Sony, Nintendo, and SquareEnix, you’re in luck! Teh Lunchbox Publications will be covering it all on Twitter! So be sure to follow us here!

Even with E3 going on this month, we will be having another TLBX Streams event for Batman: Arkham Knight and the release of The Elder Scrolls Online.

For Summer movies, sleep with the lights on after watching Insidious: Chapter 3 or watch a group of actors make it big and spending money while making their agent go nuts in Entourage this week. Next week, we’ll be visiting a park under new management while surviving a velociraptor attack in Jurassic World and finally, see what makes us happy, sad, scared, disgusted, and angry in Pixar’s Inside Out.

You may not see your Fall shows until September but that doesn’t mean there are no great television shows. Hannibal and Netflix’s Orange is the New Black are back for their third seasons with Rick and Morty returning for a second season, but we have new upcoming shows such as Ballers and The Brink.

We have already released a June Anime Movie list here, but some of us are looking at shows such as God Eater, Non Non Biyori Repeat, and To Love-Ru: Trouble – Darkness 2nd.

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So from me and everyone here from Teh Lunchbox Publications, have a wonderful and safe Summer!

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