First Full Length Trailer for Live Action Attack on Titan Movie; Release Set for Aug.1

aramajapan_attack-on-titan-posterFor all the anime/manga fans, one of the biggest phenomenons in recent memory has beenHajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin). After years of issues with production relating to the manga’s Live Action release, it finally found its footing with word that the film would be directed by Shinji Higuchi (Kill la Kill, Tekken: Blood Vengence). He would later be joined by Yūsuke Watanabe (Gantz Live Action and DBZ: Battle of the Gods),Tomohiro Machiyama and Isayama who would write the script. With the team in place, the plan was to split the film in two parts with the first part set for a release in the summer of 2015.

We are getting closer to the date of the first film and with that comes a look at the first full length trailer. Check it out below!

Awesome stuff coming from the trailer. Looks like fans will get their fill of action and excitement when part one drops on August 1st with the second scheduled for September 19th.

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Another Update for One-Punch Man: Madhouse Studio to Produce Anime


The anime for ONE and Yusuke Murata’s One-Punch Man couldn’t have seen better news as Madhouse studio is expected to take on the task of bringing the lovable hero Saitama to the small screen. Most anime fans know this studio for its work with such classics as Hunter x Hunter. They’re also the studio behind Batman: Gotham Knight. Shingo Natsume of Space Dandy fame and Chikashi Kubota (also of Space Dandy and Gurren Lagann fame) will be directing and designing the characters respectively.

One-Punch Man’s anime adaptation is scheduled to be released in October.

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One-Punch Man Update: Anime Scheduled for Fall Premiere

onepunch-man-4038911Okay, so we let you know a while back that the acclaimed manga entitled One Punch Man would be receiving an anime adaptation. Now according to Anime News Network, it seems as though the anime will shoot for a release in October. Not much more has been said about the project; including which studio will be producing the series (which actually is really important for this show). It’s okay though as more information will be available in the coming days when the  Anime Japan convention gets underway starting on the 21st of this month. Trust me, we’ll give you whatever news comes out of the convention.

So now that we know the anime will drop in October, expect a preview for it to get everyone prepared for what you will see (which will blow the doors off of any anime you’ve seen in recent memory… I hope).

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One-Punch Man Get’s an Anime!

ihY1f1cwfRMyVThat’s right! it’s been a long time coming but it looks like Saitama is finally moving up in the world! Shonen Jump’s One-Punch Man is headed to the small-screen with an anime series officially in the works.

For those of you unfamiliar with the story, the title should say it all. Yes, he does defeat his enemies with a punch (but don’t let that fool you). Saitama is an interesting charater and author One (that’s really the name he goes by) and artist Yusuke Murata (one of the best in the business) combine their efforts to create remarkable stories with great (and really funny) dialogue as well as tremendous and intricate fight sequences.

Now there’s still a lot that hasn’t been revealed, but Tuesday should see more details come to the surface. With the right studio behind the project, the series could see much success. In the meantime, if you’re intrigued and want to read up on any of Saitama’s adventures (or if youre already a fan and you like a good nostalgia trip) I suggest you try One-Punch Man, Vol.1(you won’t regret it).

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Magical Girl’s are Creepy, Scary, and INSANE!!

images (2)When you think magical girls, you think of colorful dresses, sparkles, and friendship. Mahou Shoujo of the End will change your way of thinking.

High-schooler Kii Kogami is stuck in a rut, loathing the monotonous doldrums of his everyday life. If only something amazing would happen. But be careful what you wish for…images (1)

Kii gets his wish, but more than he can imagine and not in a good way. When a little girl in goth-style lolita attire appears at his school things really begin to get crazy. She starts to gruesomely batter, dismember, and mutilate all who cross her path. She does all of this while chanting the mantra “Magical”. It is then that the school devolves into a state of bloody chaos. Will Kii escape from this murderous girl?

To make matters worse, the magical girls victims reanimate and joins the killer rampage. Almost like zombies… magical zombies. Did I mention they also say “Magical” too?q022

Another zombie apocalypse manga but with psycho magical girls who’s outimg000018 for your blood. At first this caught me off guard but as I read further in, I realized that this manga is no different from the other apocalypse manga. You have your usual big busted girls, scrawny protagonist, damsel in distress (who turns out to be a yandere), hormonal crazy guy, and a tsundere girl (who always falls for the main character).

Kentaro Sato’s concept is very intriguing, I mean who would’ve thought magical girls can be so deadly and a down right living nightmare. Not me! The art style just makes them more terrifying. I’m not too big a fan of how some of the characters feet look too small (looks kinda weird), then again what artist don’t have trouble with feet? But this could be a part of Sato’s unique art style. Art Style: ⅘

Verdict: There’s not much detail I could give about the manga because it’s still going on (so I can’t give a solid rating on the story), but all I could say that this is an interesting read and you should definitely add this to your list of manga. That is, if you like gore, psychopaths, ecchi, and horror.

No Score (Yet)

+ Interesting concept pairing magic with horror and gore

+ Solid art-style

– Still has the same common tropes for these types of manga 

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My Love Story: A Unique Twist On A Classic


Kazune Kawahara says anyone can find love.

Takeo Goda is a giant guy with a giant heart. But it seems the ladies only have eyes for his good-looking best friend, Sunakawa. Use to being on the sidelines, Takeo simply stands tall and accepts his fate of being forever alone… in the romance department that is. However, that all changes when he saves a girl named Yamato from a harasser on the train. It is in that moment that his love life takes an incredible turn. Takeo can hardly believe his luck! But with his best friend Sunakawa around, does Takeo even stand a chance?

a9thejJLadies, don’t judge a book by its cover. This manga is cute, funny, heartwarming, and is hard to put down. When you think shojo manga, you think of a typical male with a charming personality. This manga actually goes outside of that. Takeo is a big (and I mean big), strong teenager with a sweet, caring personality (albeit, a bit dense). He loves helping out his friends, family, and random strangers when they need help and he’s looking for love.

Yamato is not your average teen that falls head over heels for thtumblr_ngymq7KN331sgb6xqo1_500e first cute guy she sees. No, rather she is an adorable girl who loves to bake sweets, especially for Takeo. After he saved her from a harasser on the train, Yamato had fallen in love with him. Love at first sight is a beautiful thing and she spends most of the first issue trying to show Takeo that she wants to be with him. Unfortunately, he is too dense to see that. Can’t really blame him though. Throughout his life all his love interests had fallen for his best friend, Sunakawa.

31Now don’t get the wrong idea. Takeo and Sunakawa’s friendships is really strong. Sunakawa has always looked out for him. Even though he seems to be a cold person that doesn’t really care for anything but studying, he really cares for Takeo. It is the reason why he always helps him out when Takeo needs advice. Even when Takeo doesn’t need help, Sunakawa is always there for him. It just shows how strong their friendship is after knowing each other for 10 years.

I love how this story tells us that not all hot guys are the protagonist and get the cute girl. Nice guys who may not be picture perfect get a chance too. To me the art fits just fine with the story. Honestly, it did throw me off the first time because it was different but in the end I had come to love it. I highly recommend this as a read especially if you’re looking for a quick reading. Now it’s still early in the manga with only three volumes available, so lets follow Takeo and Yamato’s relationship as it slowly develops throughout the series.

My Love Story gets a 5 out of 5

+ More original take on shojo manga

+ Great theme of friendship between Takeo and Sunakawa

+ More relatable narrative on aspects of love and attraction

But that’s not all! My Love Story is now an anime and will be released this spring in April. Hope you guys are as excited as I am.

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Apocalypse no Toride

image_large_52fc972b685a0_cov_fortress_of_apocalypse_1-1Apocalypse no Toride (also known as Fort of Apocalypse), that’s right its a manga about zombies. Right now you’re probably thinking (sarcastically) oh wow, another zombie manga. Well, let me tell you my friend you are in for a surprise. Apocalypse no Toride is about a group of teenagers, who are inmates, surviving the zombie apocalypse and no not like High school of the Dead, so don’t expect any type ecchi. This manga is legitimately about surviving, friendships (in my opinion), and saving the world (but can it be saved?). Oh and did I mention psychopaths?

Apocalypse no Toride is intense, bloody, and gruesome. Even though the d014story may seem dull and the same as others, I feel that it’s still a good read because in its own way it’s different than the others. Now the art is fantastic. Inabe Kazu had actually focused on drawing the gruesome, grotesque, and monstrous beast. There’s really no huge boobs or other ecchi stuff all over the page (good job Inabe). Like seriously, there are hardly any females in this manga except that one lady.

Anyway, time for a quick summary Maeda has been falsely accused of murder and detained along with delinquents from all over the Kanto region in the juvenile correctional facility. Maeda is a typical boy (and a bit of a sissy… far, I feel that he has potential for growth later in the series) so when he finds himself living in this violence-ridden prison, he can’t think of anything worse. Suddenly, a prison van crashes into the facility and what shambles out of the wreckage are flesh-eating zombies.

Apocalypse no Toride overall is very good. If you love horror and zombies and are into great art contributing to what’s already a solid story then I would totally recommend this as a solid read.

 Apocalypse no Toride gets a 4 out of 5

+ Very unique and original story

+ Stunning art

+ No ecchi type images