Don’t Call It A Comeback – Editor in Chief Message for June 2022

Hello Everyone! It’s been awhile, and this is an opportunity for me to catch up with you all on what’s going on here with myself and the company. At this very moment, we have reached our nine year anniversary! Thanks to you all, we’ve working slowly and steadily to get ourselves back on track with the same objective we have been following since the very beginning: to provide you with news, information, and content covering the entertainment and pop culture industry.

At this very moment, we have been stagnant. For the past couple of months, we have been delivering a variety of content, such as our TLBX Podcasts to our TLBX Streams on our Twitch channel. However, it got me thinking lately, that this isn’t enough. Myself and the staff plan to take it back where it all began, and that’s with written articles and the start of a new system to deliver news and information to you all from us that is also being added to our social media outlets.

Besides going back with more articles, we plan to promote our Discord server (which you can join right here), and give you all sneak peaks of upcoming Invitational Events and other Lunchbox Publication content that you can find here.

If you were with me and the staff since the very beginning, we want to thank you all for your continued support and patience. If you just came on board, well welcome to the circus.

Here’s to nine years and many more!

– Greg M. “Teh R3M1X”

Founder/CEO/Editor in Chief