Time to Sit Back and Unwind – – Editor in Chief Message for July 2022

Summer is here everyone and I hope you all are doing the following: Staying hydrated, having fun with loved ones, family, and friends, and keeping up with what we’re doing for you all. At this very moment some of us in the staff have been brainstorming and placing ideas for you all. In short, we plan to make this month exciting and memorable for all of you. Articles are slowly coming together as I am currently wrapping up behind the scenes work and other forms of documentation. For this month, we have been keeping up with the various announcements and conferences of games, catching up with new movies, television shows, and season finales/premieres, and getting back on track hopefully with our podcast (which you can subscribe to here on Apple Podcast & Anchor, with new episodes and livecasts TBA soon!). We know that July is filled with conventions such as San Diego Comic-Con and Tennocon to name a few. Just because we are not attending the conferences in person, we will be catching up with the news and reporting to you all the details and information on what’s coming up soon. We are also introducing a brand-new community play days hosted by the company! It’s a way for us to connect and know you all!

Besides the usual work we’re doing here within the company, we are taking this time to get rest and relaxation. Just a reminder to everyone to always remember to take the chance to also take time to yourselves and enjoy. So until then, please remember to always stay safe, happy, healthy, smart, and strong.

More information to be announced soon in the following weeks, so be sure to keep it here on our website, join our Discord, and our various social media channels.

Exciting times to come everyone, stay tuned!

– Greg M. “Teh R3M1X”

Founder/CEO/Editor in Chief