“Tomorrow” – Gears Of War 4 Teaser

With the Gears franchise being placed in the hands of new studio The Coalition instead of original creator, Cliff Bleszinski, it’s safe to say that fans of the series are going to be a-ok.


The studio released a brand new trailer showing off both the past and present of Marcus’s son JD Fenix, the new protagonist in the series.

Taking place 25 years after the third installment, Gears of War 4 has you against battling a new evil menace called the Swarm and to find hope in surviving the planet Sera.

With the Tomorrow trailer released, Cliff took to Twitter and said that “he can’t wait to play it.” and “misty.“. Early access beta for Gears of War 4 starts later on April 18th and open access begins on April 24th until May 1st.

Gears of War 4 hits shelves on XBOX One and PC on October 11, 2016.

Top Five From E3 2015: Editor In Chief Edition

This year’s E3 2015 had a ton of great titles. Some of them coming out soon, others without even a single release date. My only challenge was to pick five out of the thousands of titles that were shown at this year’s showcase, and here they are in no particular order.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands

The tactical third person shooter from the series is back, but taking a brand new twist in the series. Instead of going through chapters, the entire game will be open world based, almost anything can happen. Setting place in Bolivia, you are part of a four man squad, issued to take down a drug operation that’s effecting the entire government. It’s up to you and your team on how you want to take them down. For example, you can go in guns blazing or you can take them down quietly. For each choice you make, you can see the consequences that follow for the drug operations as they quietly break apart from the inside, giving you a complete advantage from time to time. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands has no specific release date but will be for Playstation 4, XBOX One, and PC.

Fallout 4

After years of playing Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, it’s FINALLY here. Fallout 4 takes place in Boston, Massachusetts. You play as the Lone Wanderer from Vault 111, waking up from cryogenic sleep 200 years after the A-Bomb hits. As you leave the Vault, you explore post-apocalyptic landscapes, surviving wave after wave of mutated enemies, and for the first time in the series, you can customize your weapons and make your own settlements. XBOX One owners can also play with user created mods and have a free copy of Fallout 3. Fallout 4 comes out on November 10th, 2015 for the Playstation 4, XBOX One, and PC.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

It seems that Guerrilla Games is stepping out of it’s Killzone shell and giving us something new. Horizon: Zero Dawn is a brand new open world RPG. Taking place after our time and back to the stone age, technology has taken over the lands and replaced wildlife with machines. Not much is being said about Horizon: Zero Dawn, however it’s reported that this game will be released next year for the Playstation 4.

Star Wars Battlefront

It’s been a long time since Pandemic Studios was shut down and the leaks of both photos and videos of Star Wars Battlefront 3. Since then, LucaArts was bought my Disney and there was no hope of a third installment…until now. Electronic Arts will take the helm in making a brand new Star Wars Battlefront, and since last year’s E3 tease, we’ve been dying to see some actually gameplay. So far, the game looks promising, featuring a coop-mode which can be played online and off, and a 40 player online mode. Want to win the Battle of Hoth and lose the Battle of Endor? Now’s your chance! Star Wars Battlefront is released on November 17th, 2015 for the Playstation 4, XBOX One, and PC.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

This game has been pushed back long enough, but by the looks of it, it’s worth the wait. The final installment of the Uncharted series takes place three years after the events of the third game, Drake’s Deception. Teaming up with his long lost brother Sam, Drake and his brother go on a quest to go behind the conspiracy of a long lost pirate colony, while on the way, being pursued by another rival treasure hunters. The game will also bring back competitive multiplayer, which was last seen back in Uncharted 2. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End releases next year on the Playstation 4. Can’t wait but want an easy way to catch up with the series? No problem! This October 7th, pick up the Uncharted Collection on the Playstation 4, featuring all three of the original games. Oh, did we also mention that it does come with an Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Beta Pass?

Honorable Mention: Gears Of War Ultimate Collection/Gears Of War 4

I don’t have an XBOX One yet, but besides the Halo franchise, I am a huge fan of Gears Of War. As of this moment, the Gears Of War Ultimate Collection Beta is going on and a lot of fans are pretty impressed and enjoying themselves at the moment. With the Gears Of War Ultimate Collection coming out this August 25th on the XBOX One, The Coalition Studios surprised everyone this past E3 2015 at the Microsoft Press Conference with a small glimpse of Gears Of War 4. It will be interesting to see how lead game director Rod Fergusson will be at the helm now since creator Cliff Bleszinski stepped down to focus on his own studio, Boss Key Productions. Am I nervous? No, because so far it’s looking great. Gears Of War 4 is expected to be released next year on XBOX One and PC.

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All the Gears News From E3!


Lots of news here as we finally get confirmation on all fronts from The Coalition regarding all things Gears of War.

Lets start with the news that Gears of War is officially getting it’s remastering on Xbox One. Going under the name, Gears of War Ultimate Edition, the remastered version will indeed be formatted to 1080p resolution and run at 60 fps. The best part of this news is… the beta is available TODAY!

gears-4-ft-600x338Now for the official gameplay reveal of what is being called Gears 4 (at the moment). This time around we see two entirely new characters in JD (shown above) and another female unnamed gear. It is night-time and they appear to be traversing through some sort of abandoned and broken down town. They only have their flashlights for to see with, but the danger is easily visible when a destructive storm hits and with nothing but a battered mansion available for shelter, they make their way through lightning strikes, falling debris, and a crumbling path into the mansion.

gears-4Scoping out the mansion initially doesn’t prove fruitful as all that is seen are glowing cocoons. Things really get tense when the female gear gears_4_01sees a figure flash across an open pathway. They pursue the figure until they reach a courtyard and the figure is revealed to be some sort of scorpion-like hybrid of another animal (right). We get to see the classic gnasher shotgun and lancer assault rifle in action as the gears fend off what turns into a pack of the monsters. There’s also a look at some new attack moves before the video ends with JD pinned down by on of the monsters.

The gameplay video was more than enough to excite the fans and with the beta for Gears of War Ultimate Edition, we should see a new revival of one of Microsoft’s most recognizable franchises. No official release date for Gears 4 yet, but it was revealed that the game will be targeting a 2016 Holiday timeframe.

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Microsoft Preparing for Major Gears of War Reveal at E3


This was the picture seen on the official Gears of War twitter page with the caption “Three. More. Days. “. I think that’s enough of a teaser to say that Microsoft and developers The Coalition (formerly Black Tusk Studios) will be revealing something special at E3. What that is… we don’t know.

It is well known by now that the studio is working on the next installment in the Gears of War franchise. Not only that, but there are the never-ending talks about a potential remastering of the original series for the Xbox One as well. Whether we get something as small as a teaser, or something as significant as actual gameplay (for one or both of the projects), all we can do is wait and see. Either way, Microsoft is looking to steal the show early at E3 when they open their press conference on Monday, June 15 – 9:30am PT / 12:30pm ET.

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Original Cinematographer for Gears of War Returns for Another Round With Franchise!

download (7)

Well, Epic games lost a great worker as Greg M. Mitchell is leaving to work with Black Tusk Studios on a franchise he helped make so popular in Gears of War.

He broke the news over twitter which saw excitement from many fans. His work doesn’t stop at Gears of War. His resumé also includes games like Infinity Blade and Shadow Complex. There’s no official word on his exact role with the studio as he was pretty vague, but with his expertise in cinematography I think it’s safe to assume that he’ll be doing the same thing here.

Black Tusk had other ideas for another game that was in early production, but once they got the job of developing the next installment in the Gears series they were quickly stalled. No one was happier than Microsoft seeing as how they needed another developer to revive the franchise after purchasing it from Epic Games. Seems like the Vancouver-based company was more than happy to tackle the project.

Now It may not seem like a big deal at first, but in the past one of the calling cards of the Gears of War series was its original look and the familiar scenes that accompanied it. Being able to have one of the biggest cinematographers in the industry to help on a project that he is so familiar with and saw so much success with can do nothing but good. Couple that with one of the most refine gaming engines in the industry (Unreal 4), and you can expect superior visuals to enhance that brutal, yet fun gamer experience that so many fans of the series enjoyed so much. The only bad thing you can say about the news is that it makes the wait for E3 2015 that much harder, but really… it’ll be worth it.

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Sorry Xbox 360, No Gears For You

gears-of-warThe company behind the latest installation of the Gears of War series (Black Tusk Studios) has recently stated that it won’t be releasing the game for the Xbox 360 console.

The news came in the form of a tweet by Jack Felling (the same one who tweeted the mocap image) when a fan asked if the game would be available for the older platform. Unfortunately the question was met with the reply, “No sorry, it won’t be available on the 360 but it will be available for the Xbox One!”

It was probably to be expected, but I’m sure the news still stings to some who have yet to make the jump to the new console. No worries though, if the wait for the next Gears of War game is the only thing that’s keeping you from making the switch then there’s still plenty of time as there looks to be no news of a set date for the game in sight. That may change when E3 2015 comes around as Black Tusk Studios also mentioned that there will definitely be some news to be given when the gaming convention makes its return in June.

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Teaser Mocap Image For New Gears of War Game, New Details Too


It seems like Black Tusk studios are getting a head start on the next installment in the Gears of War franchise. Jack Felling posted a tweet  of one of the actors in a mocap suit doing some work for the new game

CBJRYGxUUAAjozoThere’s still very little known about what to expect except for the fact that this time around the developers will focus on the darker aspects that made it one of Microsoft’s most popular and most successful franchises to date. You can color me excited for this as I am one of the biggest fan of the Gears series (except Judgment… yeah screw that game).

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