Deadpool Trailer Debut’s Next Tuesday


It was mentioned that a trailer for Fox’s Deadpool¬†was shown at this past San Diego Comic-Con to an immensely positive reaction (it even garnered an encore showing). While many were hoping for an official release soon after, Fox wasn’t so quick to give it too the public. They wanted to make sure it was a proper release suitable for the fans, so a three-week wait was what we all got… and now that wait will soon be over.

On Tuesday, August 4, the first official trailer will air during TBS’s Conan. Now, this will be the more explicit red-band trailer, which will be sure to stay true to its R rating. A second trailer will be a bit more family friendly with the green-band trailer set to show with the release of Fantastic Four on August 7.

Whatever they had to clean up for the big release should be worth the wait with the reaction the first trailer received. Can’t wait for the debut, and you can catch it here as soon as it drops this upcoming Tuesday.

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