DOOM Eternal For Nintendo Switch Gets Release Date!

After months since it’s release and news of the delay, DOOM Eternal for the Nintendo Switch is finally coming!

Check out the trailer below!

Nintendo Switch owners will finally get the chance to rip and tear through the demons of hell as the Doom Slayer while on the go!

DOOM Eternal releases digitally only on the Nintendo Store or retailers via digital code on December 8th. It is now available for the PlayStation 4, XBOX One, and PC.

New Doom Multiplayer Trailer, Beta Date Announced!

As if it can’t get anymore bloodier than this.

Looks like Bethesda Softworks released another trailer for the upcoming new installment for Doom, only this time it’s all about the multiplayer.

Judging by the trailer, the multiplayer is going to bring you back those times you played other fast paced multiplayer games back on PC.

What makes it more interesting is that we haven’t seen anymore gameplay other than the E3 2015 and closed alpha footage, so we know that there are more surprises in store for us.

Also, who doesn’t want to even turn into a demon and have the ability to bite other players heads off?

Still have a copy of Wolfenstein: The New Order and entered your Doom Closed Beta code? You’re in luck! This month your patience will be rewarded as the beta starts on March 31st though April 3rd for Playstation 4, XBOX One, and PC.

Doom hits shelves on May 13th for Playstation 4, XBOX One, and PC.

New Trailer & Official Release Date For DOOM

This morning Bethesda Softworks and id Software released a new campaign trailer and the official release date of Doom! Check it out below!

That’s right folks, May 13th is the day we pick up our BFGs (Big F%@K!N# Gun) and take it to the hellspawn!

The studios also both the collector’s edition and pre-order bonuses for the game. Collector’s Edition includes a 12″ tall figure of the Revenant, one of the monsters in the game, who stands tall on a spinning LED base. The pre-order bonuses include a unique customizable Demon-themed armor set with three skin variations, six metallic paint colors and three iD logo patterns for your weapons, and six hack modules that can be used for multiplayer matches.


Doom hits shelves on May 13th, 2016 for Playstation 4, XBOX One, and PC.

Bethesda Gives You… DOOM!


Bethesda Softworks made their debut last night during the opening day of the E3 festivities. Their first objective… bring the fans Doom.

So much anticipation for this game considering the sliver of a teaser that was given last month and had fans on edge. Let me tell you, it is intense.

The campaign starts where else… in Hell. You make your way through the fiery pits and molten stone constructs while trying to avoid Pinkies and yes, even Mancubus demons. The visuals alone are gorgeous and makes for an all too familiar atmosphere.

The speed of the game from the jump was very reminiscent of the older games with an updated look that really brings the game to another level. Much more maneuverability for the characters as you can climb, double jump, and execute vicious melee finishers which makes for an easier and more functional experience. And lets not forget about the weapons, which are all too familiar. The plasma rifle, chainsaw, and the trusty ol’ shotgun (and super shotgun) were on display as well, and trust me… you’ll need it. The enemies come at you fast, aggressive, and in bunches and they’ll finish you in some of the most brutal ways possible. Don’t take my word for it, peep some of the gameplay trailer here.

<iframe width=”640″ height=”390″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

That is only a small sample that was shown, but over eight minutes of gameplay is available to watch.

What you didn’t see was some of the extras that were introduced this time around that include a multitude of multiplayer options. Domination, Freeze Tag, and Clan Arena were all shown and all with unique objectives to gain. With your abilities to now gain special powers and even work as demons themselves, there is going to be excitement at every turn. Did I say every turn? because now you can create and customize entire stages to battle in with Doom’s Snapmap mod. It was shown off during the conference and the depth with which you can create arenas is amazing.

They didn’t leave the fans without some sort of release date so make sure to look for Doom (available for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC) in the Spring of next year.

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Your First Small Look At DOOM!

Bethesda Softworks has a lot to reveal this coming E3 2015. We’re crossing our fingers with the official announcement of Fallout 4 but besides that title alone, they’re officially announcing world premiere gameplay of another famed franchise, DOOM.

The last time we’ve seen a DOOM title was back in 2004 with DOOM 3. Since then, it has been remastered for the Playstation 3 and XBOX 360 with DOOM 3: BFG Edition.

For those still with their copies of Wolfenstein: The New Order, you are eligible for participation of the DOOM beta!

Doom has yet to be announced with a release date, but it’s stated to be for Playstation 4, XBOX One, and PC consoles.

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