The Evil Dead Gets a Series, Starring Bruce Campbell!

Yesterday, at San Diego Comic Con 2015, a trailer for a new series on Starz has been released to the public; Ash vs. Evil Dead, and it’s looking pretty awesome.

What’s even more awesome is that the production team appears to be aware of what the fans of the classic franchise wants to see: Classic Deadite horror makeup, over the top blood spray and Bruce Campbell, arming himself to the teeth in weapons once again, as Ashley James “Ash” Williams.   It appears that there will also be clips of scenes from the classic trilogy to serve as Elder Ash’s flashbacks.  ALL IN GLORIOUS HIGH DEFINITION!  Supporting cast includes Ray Santiago, Dana DeLorenzo and Jill Marie Jones.

The plot of this new series takes place 30 years since the Book of the Dead unleashed horror throughout the woods.  Now in the present time, when a Deadite attack is reported, it’s become apparent that the Evil Dead has returned for more souls to swallow.  It’s up to Ash, who’s lived as a lone wolf for all these years to break out the chainsaw and boomstick to get back to what he does best, with his new ally and disciple, Pablo (Ray Santiago).

I guess the only bad news is that the show will not be aired on Netflix, but the show is currently 4 episodes into production, and scheduled to air this Halloween!  ….

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Marvel Out, Star Wars In at Hall H for Comic-Con


It’s no secret at this point that Marvel has decided to skip the festivities at Hall H this year, but that doesn’t mean that big names won’t be appearing. That’s just where Star Wars comes in as  Lucasfilm have confirmed that there will be a panel for Star Wars: The Force Awakens scheduled for Friday, July 10 in Hall H.

There is no specific time scheduled for the panel yet, but the panel will include director J.J. Abrams, writer Lawrence Kasdan,  Lucasfilm president and producer Kathleen Kennedy. They won’t be alone as they have also confirmed that the fans will see some other special guests take the stage as well. Lucasfilm has promised to provide a “special look” at Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I think it’s safe to say that Comic-Con can’t come fast enough at this point.

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