Pokken Tournament To Be Released In 2016!

What do you get when you combine the ferociousness of Pokemon and the fighting mechanics of Tekken? Easy, Pokkén Tournament!

Pokkén Tournament

With news announced by Bandai Namco in 2013 and the official announcement of the game last year, Pokkén Tournament grabbed the attention of fans of both Pokemon and fighting games. Instead of the usual turn based battle system that we see in the handheld Pokemon Games, Pokkén Tournament allows you to move your Pokemon freely and battle (Fighting System is similar like the Naruto series). Pokemon to name such a few consists of Pikachu, Charizard, Machamp, and Gengar are part of the fighter roster with more to be announced soon.

We won’t be surprised if this title hits the EVO 2016 Roster next year.

Pokkén Tournament is exclusively for the Wii U and is stated for release in Spring 2016.

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Dark Souls 3 Gets an Official Announcement!


Well it looks like the leaks were true about Dark Souls 3 being at E3. During Microsoft’s press conference they confirmed that Early 2016 will see the final chapter in the Dark Souls series come to Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

2015-06-15100455jpg-a3f0a6_765wThe teaser began with travelers crossing a dark wasteland of sorts before the camera pans to a giant castle in the near background. Shifting to the inside of the castle is another person who’s face is not shown bowing before a crown. The teaser ends with a giant man with an equally giant clever.

2015-06-15100609jpg-a57563_765wBandai Namco have another beautiful game on their hands and the previous games are any indication of the future, then fans will get a farewell of the highest quality.

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