Super Mario Run Announced for iOS & Android, Pokémon GO to Apple Watch

In recent months, we’ve seen Nintendo slowly get comfortable with the idea of publishing games and apps to mobile devices. We’ve seen Miitomo earlier this year, and their partnership with Niantic and The Pokémon Company to bring out the super popular Pokémon GO. Now, it’s time for one of their main stays to have a crack at the mobile limelight.

Yesterday during Apple’s iOS conference, we received a surprise visit from famed Nintendo developer Shigeru Miyamoto where he unveiled a new game, Super Mario Run for iOS. The game is runner, similar to that of the recent Rayman mobile games, where you swipe and tap to run, jump, and ground pound through various levels. The game will have various modes, including one that will race the time of other players and collect coins in doing so. While the game possibly might have IAPs, the game will be a paid app (at a yet undetermined price) that will not require additional money to complete and enjoy. The game is set to release on iOS first this December, with release for Android early next year.


On top of this, there was also the announcement of Pokémon GO soon to be playable on Apple Watch. While the details were very slim, it should be a full port of the popular game tailor made for the Apple Watch experience, so you won’t have to keep your phone in your hands at all times.

Pokèmon GO

Excited to see more Nintendo representation on your mobile devices? Let us know what you think!

Introducing Pokèmon GO!

Upset or disappointed that Nintendo didn’t announce the next Pokèmon game for handheld this year? No problem!

Pokèmon GO

It seems the Pokèmon Company surprised everyone with the announcement of Pokèmon GO, a brand new gaming app for Android and iPhone devices. The game is simple to play, as you travel between the real world while you follow your phone or not with the new Pokèmon GO Plus device, to catch Pokèmon, battle other trainers in single or tag-team group battles, trade Pokèmon with other players and participate in Legendary Raids.

The best part? When the app it finished and released, it will be available for FREE! With only the exception of in-app purchases.

Pokèmon GO is stated for release in 2016 for Android and iPhone devices.



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