Kamen Rider Ghost! Suit Design, Revealed!


Ever since news broke out about the confirmation of the Kamen Rider Brand’s next installment, Kamen Rider Ghost back in late April, fans have been itching to see the first reveal of the 17th Heisei Hero.  I dare say that it was well worth the wait!

Official first design art of the Kamen Rider Ghost suit, and concept art for the Ghost Rider System, scanned from a Japanese toy catalog.

With the utilization of his unique tool for transformation, the Ghost Driver and “Ghost Eyecon”, this Rider brings a sleek design to the table.  Along with the famous, modern bug eyes, he sports a black and orange color scheme– very fitting for the month of October.   As the art demonstrates, when the Ghost Eyecon is activated, a hooded ghost will appear and cloak the user of the Rider System, completing the change by adding the matching hooded jacket, which is a very nice touch.

Kamen Rider Ghost is scheduled to premier October 4th, but here is a chance we may see him sooner.  It is rumored that Ghost will make a traditional Neo-Heisei cameo appearance in the new Summer Movie, Kamen Rider Drive: Surprise Future.  Let’s hope it’s true, because I’m excited to see a demo of this new Rider’s abilities.  The next we expect is the reveal of the actor to play the role of the civilian.

What do you think of the design of the new Kamen Rider Ghost?  Let us know your thoughts! HENSHIN!

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The Evil Dead Gets a Series, Starring Bruce Campbell!

Yesterday, at San Diego Comic Con 2015, a trailer for a new series on Starz has been released to the public; Ash vs. Evil Dead, and it’s looking pretty awesome.

What’s even more awesome is that the production team appears to be aware of what the fans of the classic franchise wants to see: Classic Deadite horror makeup, over the top blood spray and Bruce Campbell, arming himself to the teeth in weapons once again, as Ashley James “Ash” Williams.   It appears that there will also be clips of scenes from the classic trilogy to serve as Elder Ash’s flashbacks.  ALL IN GLORIOUS HIGH DEFINITION!  Supporting cast includes Ray Santiago, Dana DeLorenzo and Jill Marie Jones.

The plot of this new series takes place 30 years since the Book of the Dead unleashed horror throughout the woods.  Now in the present time, when a Deadite attack is reported, it’s become apparent that the Evil Dead has returned for more souls to swallow.  It’s up to Ash, who’s lived as a lone wolf for all these years to break out the chainsaw and boomstick to get back to what he does best, with his new ally and disciple, Pablo (Ray Santiago).

I guess the only bad news is that the show will not be aired on Netflix, but the show is currently 4 episodes into production, and scheduled to air this Halloween!  ….


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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Anime : <=To Be Continued?

HOWWW is the first week of Summer treating you,homies andhomettes?!  This is your man, RemyTyndle over here, and I do believe it’s about that time to discover our hidden potential passed down our family bloodline, because I’m about to get you all hip toJoJo’s BizarreAdviggity!!

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure logo

For those of you who aren’t familiar, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure originated as a Japanese manga series– one of the best-selling (80 million copies sold nationwide JPN) and longest running (1986-present) in history, written and illustrated by Hirohiko Araki.  It started out from being published through Weekly Shonen Jump up until Part 7 in 2004, and then transferred to Monthly Ultra Jump from thereon.

December 17, 1990 Weekly Shonen Jump Cover, featuring Part 3 Protagonist, Jotaro Kujo.

June 2011 Monthly Ultra Jump Cover, featuring Part 8 Protagonist, Josuke Higashikata.

The story focuses on the strange stories of individual characters who stem from a family bloodline, known as “Joestar”, all of whom’s names are able to be contracted as the nickname “JoJo”.  The franchise is currently divided into 8 parts and the typical plot is as follows; the affirmative Joestar family member discovers an extraordinary ability within themselves and realize their destiny to defeat supernatural threats.

The Main Protagonists from Part 1-8 From Left to Right: Jonathan, Joseph, Jotaro, Josuke (Part 4), Giorno, Jolyne, Johnny, Josuke (Part 8).


This iconic franchise has given birth to various forms of media over the years, but in the case of this article, we shall acknowledge the current anime adaptation since 2012, produced by David Production studio. In 3 years, David Production has successfully covered Parts 1-3.  Now, it’s Friday, and usually at this time, I’d be watching the latest episode, but as of the previous week, the finale of Part 3’s anime adaptation, Stardust Crusaders has hit the airwaves and come to an end.

David Production’s Animation of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure characters from Parts 1-3.

A screenshot of David Production’s special computer graphic animation (primarily used for the opening sequences) of the heroes of Part 3.

With the fans having so much appreciation for the effort David Production put forth towards the JoJo’s series thus far, many including myself are hoping for the continuation with Part 4, Diamond is Unbreakable.  It has been confirmed that the studio would like to continue the anime through Part 4, perhaps even beyond, however, the deciding factor depends on the fundraising for the necessary production budget.

A DVD release of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Season 1 is scheduled for release to North America this fall, published through Warner Home Video, and is now available for pre-order:  http://www.rightstufanime.com/JoJos-Bizarre-Adventure-Season-1-DVD-Hyb

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Season 1 DVD (Hyb) will cover Parts 1 and 2, and will feature both English and Japanese audio, with subtitles included. Available 9/22/15

There are also Japanese released Blu-ray disc sets as well, now available at Amazon.  They come with English subtitles and the discs are compatible for all regions, so if you consider yourself an avid collector of this all things JoJo, these would be great products to purchase in support of David Production.

JoJo No Kimyo Na Boken 1 (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Vol. 1) [Blu-ray]. These home entertainment editions of the David Production anime cover up to the second Vol. of Part 3. Visit Amazon in order to purchase your very own copies today.

If you are already a fan of the franchise and you like what you are seeing from David Production’s animated adaptation of the series, show your support by purchasing a collection of these bizarre products of home entertainment!  The possibility of Part 4’s animation becoming a reality lies in your hands.  If you are just now familiarizing yourself to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, thanks to this piece of literature, give the series a try, and you may just become a fan yourself.

Starting from 1986, as you read towards the more recent chapters, you will see how Araki’s artwork with the manga has evolved throughout the decades into a thing of sheer beauty, and David Production’s tribute to the manga by adding pop art style elements to their animation is certainly a unique site to behold.  I hope to have hooked your interest in the bizarre world of JoJo’s, and you will begin supporting this legendary brand in any way possible, and just in case you’re wondering, yes, there is an JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure abridged series.

With all of the outlets available, there are plenty of ways to get into the series. Of course once you do, get ready to join the JoJo’s Bizarre hype train and *inhale*…ORA ORA ORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORA!!!ORAAAA!!!!!

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Christopher Lee (May 27, 1922 – June 7, 2015)

Sir Christopher Lee, the actor known for playing Saruman in both the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit trilogies, Francisco Scaramanga in The Man With The Golden Gun, Count Dooku in the Star Wars Prequels, and the infamous Dracula, has passed away at the age of 93.christopher-leeLee had passed away on June 7th, 2015, due to heart and respiratory failure at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. His wife, Birgit Krøncke, delayed the news to the public in order to break the news to their family.

“It’s what you don’t see that keeps you on the edge of your seat in any kind of film – leave it to the imagination of the viewer.”

-Christopher Lee

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Meet the Kinda New Powerpuff Girls!



It’s no secret that Cartoon Network was testing the waters to see if fans were receptive to a return for The Powerpuff Girls when they aired the 2013 hour-long special The Powerpuff Girls: Dance Pantsed. It also didn’t take long after that to decide that the positive reception was enough to bring back the girls in 2016.


The Powerpuff Girls as they appeared in their 2013 special

Now that we have our first look at everyone’s favorite super-powered kindergartners, it looks… kinda familiar actually. It’s definitely a far cry from the CGI version of the girls used in the special and many thought that we would be seeing the look return. Instead the studio has apparently went with the original look which has been cleaned up a bit with very minor changes to their appearances.

Now the series is still a year away, but from the looks of it, the studio wants to make sure the series stays true to its original run (well, except for the voice actors). Here’s hoping the show isn’t all looks and is just as good as it was before.

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Ben 10 Makes its Return With A Rebooted Series


Well that was fast. Not even 10 years removed from its debut and It looks like Cartoon Network (CN) and company are already making plans to bring back one of its biggest series in recent memory. Variety confirms that the series will come back to CN startingon international channels in the fall of 2016, and then North America in 2017. The original team behind the series, Man of Action, are going to work as executive producers for the show.

With all the question circling around about why bring the show back (and so soon), it made sense for chief content officer Rob Sorcher to reply via email stating “’Ben 10’ is a worldwide phenomenon for 10 years running, with more than 230 TV episodes produced. There hasn’t been an original production since 2012, but the overall popularity of the character has continued on,”.

Sorcher also went on to say “This demand from audiences around the world is the driving spark behind the relaunch. So we are creating this iteration for an entirely new generation of kids.” It was suggested that the rebirth of the series is meant to help make animated content more accessible for the new generation of youth and those who utilize mobile devices both domestically and internationally.

Expect all your favorite characters and aliens to return as well as some new faces, and look for some new summer adventures from our favorite members of the Tennyson in Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max. Even if the time between its end and return wasn’t long, it doesn’t mean people don’t want to see it back. Expect many of the fans to return to the series when it makes its debut (again) in 2016/17.

Source: Variety

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Mega Man to Return to the Small Screen in 2017


To commemorate the 30th anniversary of Mega Man, Capcom and Dentsu Entertainment have paired together to return everyone’s favorite blue android to the small screen.

Fans of Ben 10, Generator Rex will be delighted to hear that the creative team, Man of Action will be spearheading the project. The team of Man of Action includes great minds like Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, Duncan Rouleau, and Steven T. Seagle.


images (13)Mega Man debuted in 1987 and has become one of the most popular and beloved characters because of his large and diverse catalog of games (including Mega Man X, Mega Man Battle Network). He’s also bled over into the realm of television quite a few times with Mega Man (one of my personal childhood favorites) in the early 90’s and Mega Man NT Warrior  (pictured above) with its accompanying sequels in the early 2000’s.

Outside of re-releases, and appearances in games like Super Smash Bros. and Street Fighter X Tekken, it is unknown if there are any future plans for another Mega Man game of any kind. Of course 2017 is still a bit away, but with all the talk about a television show for the guy, you don’t think they’d actually leave out an opportunity to bring him back where he started would you? (I hope not).

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Dragon Ball Super Will See Manga Launch Next Month!


Last month news came that Dragon Ball would finally see a return to the small screen with Dragon Ball Super! Fans were excited enough to hear the good news and now it gets even better with word coming in that the series will be receiving a manga adaptation as well.

The manga will officially debut in about a month so and will be headed by Toyotaro who’s famous for creating the Dragon Ball AF fan made manga as well as the Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ manga. With the manga coming out a month before the anime, this makes for a perfect promotional tool for the upcoming anime in July.

The anime itself will air on Fuji TV, Sunday mornings at 9 in Japan. No official date has been set. There is also no word yet on whether the series will see an English dub. Hopefully news will come soon on both of these fronts. When it does, you’ll be able to read it here.

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Marvel’s Daredevil Gets Second Season Along With New Showrunners


It was probably a foregone conclusion after the first season was met with such a positive respose, but now it is official that Marvel’s Daredevil has been re-upped for a second season. What is worrying fans is that the news is also accompanied with the fact that showrunner Steven S. DeKnight will not return with the series.

 The Spartacus producer wrote the series alongside Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum Doug Petrie and Sons of Anarchy writer Marco Ramirez; both of whom will be sharing the load with executive producer Drew Goddard for the second season. It was unclear why DeKnight decided to leave the series, but later mentioned on twitter that he had a prior commitment to a film that did not permit him to participate in production for the upcoming season. He did not leave fans without a statement, which is on Marvel’s website along with the news. You can read it below.

“While previous commitments unfortunately prevent me from continuing on with Daredevil into its second season, I could not be happier that Doug Petrie and Marco Ramirez are carrying the torch. They were invaluable collaborators during our first season, and I for one can’t wait to see what they do with the show moving forward.”

While Deknight may be out for the second season of Daredevil, there still may be a spot for him in the family of Netflix series as both Iron Fist and the culminating series The Defenders are both without showrunners. As for Daredevil itself, a second season was in question but it seems as though that has been officially answered. It’s a good thing too because the series is great and you can definitely expect a review for it here in the coming days.

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One-Punch Man Teaser Is Here Now!

wp_ss_20150329_0001[1]Little footage… Big anticipation. Madhouse studios delivers the first teaser for the anime adaptation of One and Yusuke Murata’s One-Punch Man manga. Check it out below!

Make sure to watch Saitama punch his way to the top when One-Punch Man drops in October.

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