E3’s PC Gaming show Announcements!


Here are the upcoming game releases from the PC gaming show!

  • The release of ‘Dawn of War 3’
  • Oxygen not included‘ releasing in late 2016
  • ‘Arks survival’  primitive plus mod
  • ‘Giant Cop’ coming fall 2016
  • ‘Mountain Blade 2’ Banner Lord, seige to take over land
  • ‘The Surge’
  • ‘Lawbreakers’ 
  • The release of Polaris and Valcun which will allow you to play Doom on high frame rates. The release of RX48, Rx47, RX460 cards which will allow you to play Doom on high frame rate as well as a VR backpack which is Alien Ware attire which holds your PC and will allow you to play your games on the go. It’ll go on sale June 29th.
  • Croatcam Summit Ridge Line’ by Zen Core
  • ‘VAMPYR’ released by the same studios as ‘Life is strange’
  • ‘Killing Floor 2’ Bullseye Pack and an Occulus Touch installment in the game
  • ‘Super Hot VR’ Release
  • ‘Tiranny’
  • ‘Observer’
  • ‘Drop Zone’
  • Arma 3′ 
  • ‘Turning Test’
  • Overland’ by Finji
  • ‘Duel Universe’
  • ‘Halo Wars 2’ console RTS coming 2017
  • Day of Infamy‘ coming next moth
  • Mirage Arcane Warfare’ release
  • ‘Mageo of Mystralia’
  • ‘Warframe’ Minaro Mod
  • ‘Deus EX Mankind divided’ featuring a new levels!


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