JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: PART 4 Anime Confirmed!

How’s it going in the neighborhood, Lunchbox fans and JoJo’s fans of the like!  This is your man, Remy Tyndle over here, and I bring fantastic news!  It was recently on Twitter that David Production’s JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure anime adaptation WILL be continuing to PART 4, Diamond is not Crash (or Diamond is Unbreakable if you prefer….which most do).

Part 4 follows the main character, 16 year-old Josuke Higashikata, a courageous, reliable young man with a lot of friends who support him in this story, as well as the star of Part 3, Jotaro Kujo (at 29 years old), who just happens to be Josuke’s…NEPHEW?!

I’m definitly staying tuned for more updates, and I’m GOING CRAZY in anticipation to see what the animation looks like.  Thank you, David Production and all the fans that made this possible!

Here is the official teaser trailer!!

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