Paper or Plastic? Conveyor Belt Review

Short films have the ability to prove to viewers that filmmakers only need 15 minutes or less to make a great story or script come to life. For Brett Melnick, that ability comes to play in his film, Conveyor Belt.

Conveyor BeltThe film follows a grocery cashier named Max (played by Remy Tyndle), as he goes through a tedious day to night shift facing off rude or weird customers and a tenacious boss. As he goes from box to box in each aisle, it seems as if hope is hard to grasp at this point, until one customer comes in.

While watching this movie,  some viewers might feel as if you have a connection to Max, depicting the hardships and challenges of working in marketing or retail. Remy does a great job showing it off, through facial expression and body motions.

Melnick does a great job taking shots from different angles or switching from scene to scene in order to show perspective. For one example, there are scenes where Max can be shown doing his job, unpacking boxes, counting inventory, sweeping floors, where the camera can be placed on the floor or adjusted to the middle. Another example can be a transition scene, where Max is taking care of checking out grocers while in the background, the clock is slowly passing by, just to show how time is moving slowly.

Conveyor Belt is a must see for any rising or pursuing filmmaker or actor/actress, just to show how it’s never to complicated to make something simple is less than 15 minutes.

Click here to check out Conveyor Belt on Brett Melnick’s YouTube Page!

Me Chibi!Grayson M. is the Editor in Chief of Teh Lunchbox Publications and he can’t wait to see more of Melnick’s work and Remy’s acting skills! For more news, up to date information, previews, and reviews, keep it here on and LIKE and FOLLOW us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr and Twitch!


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