New Street Fighter V Character Revealed; New Details on DLC


Sharing the stage with big names like Ryu, Ken, M. Bison, Sagat, and Chun-Li in one of the biggest fighting games of all time seems like a daunting task for any newcomer. The new kid on the block certainly looks primed and ready to make his presence known in a hurry.

Necalli (shown above) is the first brand new character for the upcoming and highly anticipated Street Fighter V game. Not a whole lot to learn about the character yet but his trailer should suffice till more is revealed about the latest introduction into the Street Fighter franchise.

That’s not all the news as Capcom has confirmed that the DLC for Street Figher V will be… wait for it… FREE!!!

At the Capcom panel at EVO 2015, the developers made it a point to mention that all things concerning updates and downloadable content will see major changes. Playstation blog is reporting that players will be able to earn upgrades that would typically see some sort of cost through gameplay alone.

Now, if you just can’t wait and have to have all the new content as soon as possible you can still pay for it, but now Capcom has introduced two types of currency into the fold. Fight money will be pretty standard as it’s the currency you earn as you play through the game, but now Zenny will be a premium sort of currency that will function as real money to pay for content released after the game’s launch. System adjustments will be free from the start.

Street Fighter V is scheduled for release for PlayStation 4 and Windows PC in March 2016.

Source: Playstation blog

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