Berserk Returns, this Month!!!


Berserk fans, wake up and get the crust out of your eyes, because Young Animal Magazine‘s current issue will be announcing officially that Kentarou Miura’s legendary manga series, Berserk will be coming off hiatus after nearly a year.

In order to successfully publish his mini-series, Gigantomakhia, Miura took a fell off from consistent chapter releases for a couple of months in the first quarter of 2014, then took a break from Berserk all together for 10 months. Now in July 2015, he’s back on the Berserk grind!  Young Animal will be releasing its next issue on July 24th, so be on the look out and get caught up if you aren’t….who am I kidding; you are.   Hopefully, Miura’s concluded the current Rickert arc before his break, so we may hit the ground running again with a new adventure for Guts and company!  BERSERK IS BACK AS A MONTHLY SERIES, EVERYONE!!

Remy Tyndle is a contributing Editor for Teh Lunchbox Publications. Follow us on twitter @tehlunchboxpub.