Journey Gets Its PS4 Release Date Revealed Early


It wasn’t an ideal way for it to happen, but the Docs for Playstation website has revealed that the remastered version of thatgamecompany’s Journey will be released on July 21 for Playstation 4.

The July 21 date seems to be right around where many thought it would be when rumblings of a mid-2015 release date first surfaced. While most of the game will remain the same (as it should stay), one improvement that may excite fans is that the framerate will see an increase from 30 to 60 fps. No one should be mad at that. Only makes the most attractive quality of the game that much better.


Stephon W. is a contributing Editor for Teh Lunchbox Publications and sorry, he doesn’t do social media. But you can follow the team on facebook (Teh Lunchbox Publications), and on twitter @tehlunchboxpub


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