Nintendo Announces Star Fox: Zero at E3


The start of Nintendo’s digital event saw the return of Star Fox to the Wii U under the name Star Fox: Zero.

The footage that was shown during the announcement saw a multitude of montage of gameplay scenes that included familiar environments like Corneria from Star Fox 64 as well as some brand new areas. New vehicles were also shown off including the Arwing spacecraft, the Walker from the unreleased Star Fox 2, the Landmaster tank, and the Gyrowing which is a hovercraft that Nintendo revealed in an exclusive demo last year. Game designer Shigeru Miyamoto explained that “We’ve re-built the game using ideas from the past, but this is not a part 4 or 5,”. He also made it a point to say “It’s not a remake either.”

What is unique about the game is that it uses the Wii U’s GamePad to steer and motion controls to aim at enemies. Miyamoto claims that “For Wii U, with its two screens, we experimented with gameplay ideas before this iteration of Star Fox,”. The two screens do serve a legitimate purpose. Your television will present a cinematic view while your GamePad displays a cockpit view. Here’s the trailer for those anxious to get a look at it.

Star Fox: Zero will look for a holiday release date in 2016.


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