Platinum Ready to Unveil New Game at E3


During IGN’s E3 2015 live show, there will be a new game making its debut courtesy of Platinum Games. In addition, they will be accompanying the reveal with extended gameplay from whatever it is they have to give the fans.

Platinum Games; the company that gave us some of the most entertaining and fast-paced games has a track record for creating some pretty fun and original titles. Some of those games include Viewtiful Joe, MadWorld, and Bayonetta; each with their own unique charm and feel all their own. Their most recent success includes Bayonetta 2; last years smash sequel to their 2009 project Bayonetta, which is highly regarded as one of the best games of 2014.

With their pension to conceptualize such crazy and vivid franchises, it shouldn’t be a surprise if this new project finds a way to set itself apart from the other titles under Platinum Games in the same way the company itself has done so in comparison to other developers over the years. Hit up IGN for more details and check out the new project from Platinum Games on  IGN at 3pm PT (6pm EST/10pm GMT) on Tuesday, June 16.

Source: IGN

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