Ben 10 Makes its Return With A Rebooted Series


Well that was fast. Not even 10 years removed from its debut and It looks like Cartoon Network (CN) and company are already making plans to bring back one of its biggest series in recent memory. Variety confirms that the series will come back to CN startingon international channels in the fall of 2016, and then North America in 2017. The original team behind the series, Man of Action, are going to work as executive producers for the show.

With all the question circling around about why bring the show back (and so soon), it made sense for chief content officer Rob Sorcher to reply via email stating “’Ben 10’ is a worldwide phenomenon for 10 years running, with more than 230 TV episodes produced. There hasn’t been an original production since 2012, but the overall popularity of the character has continued on,”.

Sorcher also went on to say “This demand from audiences around the world is the driving spark behind the relaunch. So we are creating this iteration for an entirely new generation of kids.” It was suggested that the rebirth of the series is meant to help make animated content more accessible for the new generation of youth and those who utilize mobile devices both domestically and internationally.

Expect all your favorite characters and aliens to return as well as some new faces, and look for some new summer adventures from our favorite members of the Tennyson in Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max. Even if the time between its end and return wasn’t long, it doesn’t mean people don’t want to see it back. Expect many of the fans to return to the series when it makes its debut (again) in 2016/17.

Source: Variety

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