Seems Like Square Enix Has Something They’re Not Telling Us… Yet


According to an email party invite, there seems to be something special coming from Square Enix. News first hit when IGN posted the invite for the E3 party sponsored by the entertainment website. You can take a look at the official invite (with the details removed) below.

Square-ignNo idea what the title could be, although SquareEnix will be having their E3 press conference on June 16 at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern. Good thing that’s on the first day of the E3 festivities, otherwise there were gonna be some very impatient fans. Don’t think that’s the only thing worth looking out for as E3 isn’t the biggest gaming expo in the country for no reason. Check out all the stuff the expo has to offer when E3 hits on June 16 and for anything you may have missed, follow us throughout the whole thing for all your latest breaking news!



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