You Won’t Get 50 Characters, But You Can Start With 14


It’s not the worst news, but it is a little bit of a downer. Square Enix says that their day one roster for Dissidia Final Fantasy won’t include the full 50 man roster, instead it will start only with 14.

There were rumors of the game starting with a whopping 50 characters to choose from, but that was shot down when Gematsu reported that through a live stream, Square Enix said they will start the game with 14 characters, but will move towards the 50 man roster through updates post-launch.

Dissidia Final Fantasy fans can still rest easy as the game won’t deviate from its Playstation Portable predecessor with seven characters already confirmed, including Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII), Terra Branford (Final Fantasy VI), and of course Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII).

Unfortunately, the game is only a Japan exclusive, Hopefully its growing popularity and fanbase will assist in the game making its way over to North America. While you wait for some good news regarding its expansion (I hope), check out the first trailer below if you haven’t already.

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