Live-Action Attack on Titan Film Gets a TV Spinoff


It looks as though the Attack on Titan franchise is not only jumping on the live-action bandwagon, but the spinoff bandwagon as well. And the movie itself hasn’t even come out yet!

The television spinoff will tie into the films and revolve around the everyday lives of the soldiers with many of the cast of the film reprising their roles (including Satomi Ishihara as Hanji and Ayame Misaki as Hiana).

Credit to Anime News Network as they have reported that Shinji Higuchi (director of both live-action films) will be in the directors seat again for this project as well. Between the incoming Attack on Titan films, the upcoming Godzilla film by Toho, and this project, it would seem that he has quite a bit of work to do. Considering the track record he has with former projects I don’t think that will be a problem.

It’s still early so expect the news to come pretty fast as we get closer to the debut of the live-action Attack on Titan films with the first of two premiering Aug. 1 in Japan, and the second one on Sept. 19.

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