Midnight Phoenix at T-Mode

Midnight_Phoenix_Banner_yt (1)

Midnight Phoenix, a visual kei/Jrock band, will be performing at Tmode coming up this April of 2015. Influenced by Jrock, visual kei, and Krock, everyone can agree that they have their own style. As of now, the band consist of lead singer Katana, with guitarists Shiyoji and Ginhane. Katana and Ginhane met each other in Japanese class in college and bonded with their love of watching anime, playing music together, and one day of going to Japan and making it big. Shiyoji on the other hand, didn’t come until much later when an ad was posted on Facebook and Craigslist.

Afterwords, the band really made some strides with finding a better studio to practice in and getting this great opportunity of performing at T-Mode. Before getting this magical shot, that they thought they would never get, they also performed at MAGFest to any lost souls that night that took the time to stop and listen to their music.

At T-Mode, Midnight Phoenix will be performing a song by One OK Rock and more to be announced at their live show. The band’s name; Midnight Phoenix, was described by Katana as “how Cinderella too changes at the stroke of midnight back to her former self, but also dies and is reborn like a phoenix.” Come checkout Katana’s wonderful voice and the melodic tunes created by Shiyoji and Ginhane at Tmode April 3-5 2015. Also, check them out on their Facebook page at Midnight Phoenix and YouTube at Midnight Phoenix Japan. I’ll see you there!

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