There’s a Shop for Zombies?


Reiko the Zombie Shop

Terror has struck the sleepy little town of Shiraike. A serial killer stalks the streets murdering innocent girls. Twenty-nine grisly murders have been committed with no clues to catch the killer, that is until the town receives a strange visitor: a beautiful young woman who can raise the dead. She is Reiko the Zombie Shop, necromancer for hire. For a price, she’ll wake your dead, if only to find a clue to their demise. Despite being able to reanimate the dead, she is not responsible for what the dead will say or do once they awaken!

When I first saw the cover, I was thrown off a bit, but decided to give it a chance thinking it was probably good and about some awesome chick fighting zombies, but it wasn’t. This manga is basically about figuring out who killed who and psychotic serial killers. Did I mention that they also summon zombies to fight? It’s like something straight out of Yu-Gi-Oh?! (awesome show by the way… well the original anyway)

2888-1-6_PLDSY-Reiko the Zombie Shop v1 p 0092At the end of volume one, the main character (and the only important one) dies in a non-exciting battle and the only thing going through my mind was, “That’s it? Really?”  I could not read anymore after that, until I found out the series continued! I took a peek thinking maybe it’ll get better. Saw two high school students summoning zombies to fight… NOPE!

Verdict: I was so disappointed that I could not finish the series. So to make it short and not waste anymore of your time.

Reiko the Zombie Shop gets a 2 out of 5

– Killers who summon zombies to fight (no thank you)

– Misleading as a mystery manga with zombies

– Main character dies early in anti-climactic fashion

+ Interesting synopsis and concept (that was ruined almost immediately, but still pretty good)

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