Fly With Astro Boy in His First Teaser for the Upcoming Reboot!

wp_ss_20150323_0003[1]Over the weekend at Monaco Anime Game International Conference, fans got a look at a teaser for the upcoming anime reboot for one of the pillars of manga and anime in Astro Boy and it looks like one of the lucky fans got to record the whole thing.

Created in 1952 by Osamu Tezuka, Astro Boy is one of the oldest and most beloved manga/anime characters in history. His influence is felt heavily throughout the years and in so many different anime and manga. Astro Boy has had many other adaptations going as far back as his anime in 1963,  and most recently a CGI film in 2009 (which I’d like to forget happened).

Now the anime itself will use both 3-D and 2-D animation and will run about 26 half-hour episodes, however there is no news on an American distributor picking it up. The target audience will be pre-teens (ages 8-12), but we all know old school fans (such as myself) won’t be able to help but check it out. Take a look at the teaser below and when there is news on a release date, we’ll be here to deliver it.

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