Tonight, TLBXStreams Presents: Grand Theft Auto Online Heists Live!

TONIGHT! 11:30 EST/8:30 PSC is the world wide live stream of Grand Theft Auto Online Heists. Watch our editor in chief, Grayson M., our writer, Denise G., our streamer, Brandon P, and our video blogger, Big John, setup and plan the big score…or laugh out loud as they blow stuff up.

Click on the picture below to watch all four of them LIVE at the same time! See you all there!

Watch Us Tonight!

Watch Us Tonight!

Grayson M. is the editor in chief of Teh Lunchbox Publications and he can’t wait for tonight! For more up to date news, information, previews, and reviews on the entertainment world, keep it locked here at LIKE and FOLLOW us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube.


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