“We Are Robin”, New Incoming Series Post New 52!

w2jlvH6For those of you who don’t know, there’s another shift taking place over at DC with the Convergence event that sees the company moving away from the New 52 era. In return, there will be a new focus back on seminal characters and stronger stories despite continuity. One of the first series announced post-Convergence is entitled We Are Robin and will be written by Lee Bermejo (Suiciders) with Rob Haynes and Khary Randolph tackling the art.

The story will see shades of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Batman: Zero Year, with the introduction of the main character Duke Thomas who was a young African-American teenager assisted Bruce Wayne in the aforementioned story. He reappeared in Batman: Endgame when the Joker murdered both of his parents in similar fashion to the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Apparently, Thomas will be one of the innovators behind the “Robin Movement” (similar to the movement conjured in The Dark Knight Returns) which consists of teenagers who seek to protect Gotham City. It will also delve into the reason why Batman was so against allowing teenagers into his life as a crime-fighting vigilante.

Bermejo told USA Today that this new series will not see any of the original characters who donned the mask of the boy wonder as he wants to “expand the Robin character past teenage white kids who all look the same.” In another quote from USA Today, he says “There’s that element of this particular moment we’re passing right now, and with a book like this you have a chance to comment about certain things and bring them into the Bat-universe in real interesting ways.” This alluded to his desire to seek inspiration from contentious moments in recent memory (specifically the incident in Ferguson, MO) and merge those issues with his own original content.

 We Are Robin hits stores June 24 from DC Comics.

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