Legendary Leonard Nimoy Passes Away at Age 83

leonardnimoyThe actor who played one of the more Iconic figures in all of sci-fi passed away earlier today after losing his longstanding battle with chronic pulmonary disease. One which stemmed from a smoking habit he ended 30 years ago.

spock-star-trek-80-leonard-nimoy1He was most famous for his role as Star Trek’s Spock; the half-human/half-Vulcan character which he played from 1966 to 1969 and also several movies (including the Star Trek reboots) that proceeded. His pension for reasoning and levelheadedness made him the quintessential character to pair with the cavalier and adventurous Captain Kirk played by William Shattner. It is a character relationship that is often imitated by many other mediums of entertainment but seldom replicated as it was that dynamic that was one of the driving reasons for the shows success and loyal fanbase.

It is little known that he also set his foot into other forms of art including poetry and photography. While his final appearance as Spock was only a small scene in the 2013 film Star Trek: Into Darkness, it was just as powerful as any other time he played the role.


Leonard Nimoy, March 26, 1931 – February 27, 2015



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