LadyJ Headlines T-MODE

HOMIES AND HOMETTES, I do hope you’re ready for the return of Spring!! This is your man Remy Tyndle over here, and I just need to get you all hype and hip on one of my amazing friends. Let me introduce you to LadyJ, a nerdcore hip-hop warrior hailing from the earth-shakin’ lands of California. Now she’s coming at you with some tracks inspired by anime, video games and all-around otaku shenanigans!

LadyJ in her Studio, known as Wreck the System Recordings

Now, how many of you have heard of T-MODE? It started as a video game convention, but now it’s added anime, manga, music and cosplay to the concoction!  It’s going to be brewing in Rockville, MD on April 3-5 2015 and LADYJ is one of the guests! Here she’ll also be one of the headliners at a concert and holding her album release party for her latest project, Our Fantasy II.

LadyJ performing at T-MODE 2013

A Banner ad of T-MODE, from their twitter @tweetmode

As T-MODE draws closer, we are planning on posting a video promoting the album to get you all ready for it!  The fun begins April 3rd, in Rockville, MD. Be sure to visit T-MODE’S Website for more details and secure your badge today!

Article by Remy Tyndle is a contributing editor for Teh Lunchbox Publications. Make sure to follow us on twitter @tehlunchboxpub.