Love Is Made Out Of Secret Agents, Zombies, & Masks – Editor in Chief Message for February 2015

The month of Love is upon us…next to three days until the moon hits the planet’s surface, the rise of a secret knighthood, another convention, an anticipated mid-season premiere show about the zombie apocalypse, and gentleman spies. It’s only the second month of 2015 and already things are packed for us this month.

For video games, this past Friday the 13th, we can save the world from evil and save the land of Termina again but in handheld form and in HD3D, as Link in The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D & party up and take down huge beasts in Monster Hunter 4. This Friday is the release of the upcoming PS4 exclusive title, The Order 1886. We will host a special livestream of The Order 1886, where you can ask us questions, laugh out loud on our reactions of the game, and watch some awesome blockbuster gameplay.

Movies have us with Valentine’s Day decisions. Would you like to take your date to see a movie based on the best selling novel, 50 Shades of Gray? Or see a love letter to spies and action films with Kingsman: The Secret Service. The choice is up to you…

In television, the Patriots have risen as the new Super Bowl XLIX Champions and British singer Sam Smith taking home 4 awards in this year’s Grammys. We now have the Academy Awards to look forward to and who could forget The Walking Dead? We can’t wait.

Our own media crew and writers, Matthew G., Cecily S., Big John C., and Michael C. were at Katsucon 2015 over at National Harbor. this past weekend and we hope to hear from their experiences soon! Awwwww, missed us? Don’t worry, we plan to show up probably at T-Mode in Rockville, Maryland but DEFINITELY expect us at AwesomeCon 2015 in D.C.!

Be sure to check us out on for all your news, reviews, and previews on the entertainment world. Also, like and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and our brand new Tumblr page!

Stay lovely this month guys and see you all in the month of March!

Me & A Rose

– Gregory M.


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