For Monty, The Man Who Changed The Game

Video games, film and animation. Back then, we all saw the differences between these three forms of entertainment and that none of them can come together. Times have changed and slowly, it finally happened. For Monty Oum, he made sure that those three will never be the same again.

I was eighteen when my friends introduced me to one of Monty’s works called Dead Fantasy. At first, I was skeptical, “Dead Or Alive versus Final Fantasy? Someone probably needs to get a reality check.”. After the first three minutes in, I should’ve kept my mouth shut. The animation, the fight choreography, the use of songs from other soundtracks got me hooked. Already I asked, “Why hasn’t this happened for a video game?” and “Is this a full movie?”. You can tell at this point that I immediately became a fan.

I feel as if Monty has probably inspired the lives of developers, filmmakers, animators, and even fight choreographers to this day to be better and improve their works to show us in the near future. I can already bet that we all can’t wait to see them and what they have in stores for us.

Rest in peace and Thank You Monty Oum for teaching us not to be afraid while expanding ourselves and our limits to create something new for the world to share.

Monty Oum June 22, 1981 - February 1, 2015

Monty Oum
June 22, 1981 – February 1, 2015

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