My Top Ten

Good bye 2014 and hello 2015!!!

A lot has happened in 2014, meaning a lot of good movies, shows, and games. My top 10 list for 2014 wasn’t very big, especially for video games. Even though I missed a lot, I did see a few good movies that I really enjoyed.

At Number Ten – The Hunger Games: Mocking-jay part 1: It was a long awaited movie that I was very excited to see and honestly I was kinda disappointed in this film. It did not catch me as much as the first two movies. Plot was okay though. Maybe more action and less crying?

Number Nine – Transcendence: I’m a huge fan of Johnny Depp and there was not one film where he disappointed me at all. This movie did get a few dislikes but come on people, having your mind transferred into a supercomputer is kinda cool. Especially how he controlled people and healed them with his technology stuff.

Number Eight – Into the Storm: I’m a big sucker for storm movies. This movie actually surprised me and made me laugh because of two wannabe drunk storm chasers. In the beginning you would think they would die because they were drunk and down right stupid. But no they don’t, they actually survive even after getting sucked into a tornado and getting thrown across a big field.

Number Seven – X-Men: Days of Future Past: All I can say is that this film has put all of the other x-men to shame. It was both really good and filled with action.

Number Six – The Lego Movie: HILARIOUS AND VERY GOOD.

Number Five – No Good Deed: Idris Elba is one heck of a charming killer. He just walks up to some woman’s house and terrorizes her and her kids. But he messed with the wrong mother, instead of being helpless she fights back. But she wouldn’t have to go through all of that if her husband didn’t have an affair with the killers wife in the first place. I was so happy she punched her husband in the face and walked away like a boss, dude deserved it after what he put his family through. Don’t cheat people.

Number Four – Top Five: A movie about how Chris Rock or shall I say Andre Allen, tries to get back to his comedy roots. This was really rated R due to some scenes, but this movie was flat out funny from the beginning to the end.

Number Three – Godzilla: Another long awaited film by many fans and me. This movie did not disappoint me one bit. I mean they could have given Godzilla more screen time but I was satisfied in the end.

Number Two – The Maze Runner: Great movie, this film had me on the edge of my seat from the very start. I can not wait until movie 2. Did I also mention that this movie is a book series? Of course you knew that already.

Number One – Don’t Starve Together: Now this game is basically, don’t starve but instead you can play with your friends and don’t starve together… Anyway this was honestly my only game for 2014 because it’s fun and I love playing with my friends.

I hope you all had a wonderful 2014 and I hope got to watch some great movies and play some awesome games. If you didn’t you still can this year, now its time to make the best of 2015.