Agents of SHIELD Update: My How You’ve Changed!

With Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. hitting the halfway mark for this season I can’t say that I was expecting to see what I saw, However, at the same time I also can’t say I was immediately shocked at it either. Doesn’t mean I didn’t like it though as it hit on many of the notes that I along with many other fans wanted. With so much surrounding HYDRA and the reformation efforts of S.H.I.E.L.D. you would think it would try to leave some things to the waste-side (such as the mysterious blue alien) or just not touch on entirely (all the stuff Fitz is going through) but no, they even found suitable time throughout the first half to clean that up. From the episodes of Ward doing what he does best to the revelation of Skye and her connection to the images Coulson and so many others seemed consumed by, this show has taken a 180 from where it began. So let’s jump to it.

C’mon, we all knew it was coming so its no surprise that Skye isn’t normal. Being the only one that didn’t completely freak from the side effects of the serum that saved her life would say so and her (along with Raina) going through the transformation of sorts in the ruins of the city would suggest that we’ll see a bit of what she can do once the series picks back up.

I was in the majority in saying that Skye and Ward were two of the worst characters in S1, but I think I’m also in the majority when I say that they have turned into two of the best and most consistent characters worthy of the increased face time they relished in this season. It’s no surprised the season is better when two of your central characters become the most intriguing and with Ward still on the run I expect to see more of him and his encounters with HYDRA and S.H.I.E.L.D. He fits perfectly as an independent agent working with others to suit his needs and aligning with those who may prove useful for him at any given time. Skye is much more of a serious character setting the tone for the season from the beginning and with the depth given from her backstory and her encounters with her father makes her future actions well worth the anticipation for next season, I even enjoyed Mac as the sort of “Fitz whisperer” to get Fitz’s character back into good graces. Unfortunately, it was stalled a bit by awkward scenes when Simmons returned.

I also enjoyed seeing Bobbi Morse on the show as Mockingbird is one of my favorite female marvel heroes. The more screen time she gets the better. There are other characters to enjoy but the plot involving the obelisk and its connection to the markings and hidden city is what drove the show. I know people wanted some Inhumans teasers and they got a bit of that but not too much which was the way to go. You don’t wanna show too much before the movie debuts but casual fans get to know the lore of a fairly unknown product in a very accessible fashion, There was no dragging of the plot (which was one of my fears) and instead made for quite the drama going into and all throughout the mid-season finale.

Unfortunately, one of my other fears did come to fruition as we kinda saw the last of agent Tripplett which for me opens up a whole other discussion of which I do not want to get into as this is not the arena for that. However, for what it’s worth, I did enjoy the time he had with the other cast members especially considering he had some type of connection with Skye which no one really saw coming until it was unexpectedly too late.

Verdict: Much of what plagued the series early on is finally coming around to the point where it is making the show work. Still there’s some tweaks as this season was understandably more drama and plot driven. The second half will definitely have more action and move even faster than the first half. I was uncertain if I would keep up with AOS even after its first few episodes of its series premiere, but unless a series is outright unbearable I tend to give it a chance to find its footing. AOS with this second season has not only found its footing but has taken off running. It’s got some extended time to figure out more of what will go on in the second half of the season with Agent Carter (another must-see show for Marvel) taking its slot for a little while which is great. It along with Avengers: Age of Ultron will begin the next phase for Marvel which is expected to be absolutely amazing.

AOS didn’t need to be fortunate. It was more than good enough to stay at a 4 out of 5

+ Skye and Ward (nuff said)

+ Good balance of drama and action

+ Actually able to maintain a plot without pulling too much from the MCU

+ Good tone setter for the pace of the second half of the season

– Tripplett (also nuff said though for different reasons)

– Kinda floundered on the Fitz/Simmons front (but a good attempt)

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. when it returns March 3rd on ABC, 9PM Eastern/8PM Central

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