Apocalypse no Toride

image_large_52fc972b685a0_cov_fortress_of_apocalypse_1-1Apocalypse no Toride (also known as Fort of Apocalypse), that’s right its a manga about zombies. Right now you’re probably thinking (sarcastically) oh wow, another zombie manga. Well, let me tell you my friend you are in for a surprise. Apocalypse no Toride is about a group of teenagers, who are inmates, surviving the zombie apocalypse and no not like High school of the Dead, so don’t expect any type ecchi. This manga is legitimately about surviving, friendships (in my opinion), and saving the world (but can it be saved?). Oh and did I mention psychopaths?

Apocalypse no Toride is intense, bloody, and gruesome. Even though the d014story may seem dull and the same as others, I feel that it’s still a good read because in its own way it’s different than the others. Now the art is fantastic. Inabe Kazu had actually focused on drawing the gruesome, grotesque, and monstrous beast. There’s really no huge boobs or other ecchi stuff all over the page (good job Inabe). Like seriously, there are hardly any females in this manga except that one lady.

Anyway, time for a quick summary Maeda has been falsely accused of murder and detained along with delinquents from all over the Kanto region in the juvenile correctional facility. Maeda is a typical boy (and a bit of a sissy…..so far, I feel that he has potential for growth later in the series) so when he finds himself living in this violence-ridden prison, he can’t think of anything worse. Suddenly, a prison van crashes into the facility and what shambles out of the wreckage are flesh-eating zombies.

Apocalypse no Toride overall is very good. If you love horror and zombies and are into great art contributing to what’s already a solid story then I would totally recommend this as a solid read.

 Apocalypse no Toride gets a 4 out of 5

+ Very unique and original story

+ Stunning art

+ No ecchi type images


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